DrakeQuake, G8, Buying & Selling
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What a ground-shaking week in the T-Dot (Both LITERALLY & FIGURATIVELY)!!! Where to start?

Drizzy sold half a mil in his first week! The urban station FLOW 93.5 FM was bought out! The city also experienced an earthquake! All before the world leaders gathered for the G8/G20 summits and the anarchists burnt down cop cars and smashed downtown banks and buildings! I'm not going in on the politics today, I'll save that for another time but it's about time I light up the spot regarding a particular artist's fireworks.

"THANK ME LATER", Drake's debut album did an astonishing 463,000 copies in its first week, topping the Billboard charts in the US and a further 31,000+ in Canada, which is also impressive. That makes Drizzy's first week the 3rd highest debut this year to date, in ANY genre.

But news isn't all good for the playboy as Playboy Enterprises is suing Drake, claiming "Best I Ever Had" contains uncleared samples from "Fallin' In Love" by Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds. When I compared the two here, the intro of the 70s track definitely sounds like it could have been lifted. Not to validate or imply anything about copyright infringement but remeber at the time "Best I Ever Had" was recorded, it was not projected to be as successful as it became nor was it one of Drake's personal highlight tracks of the "So Far Gone" mixtape.

Regardless, it's good times in the Drizzosphere as he experiences a success rare these days in moving physical units of music and general popularity of his product. I have that feeling the best is yet to be had but regardless, I'll thank him now!

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Jumping Back With The Jumpoff
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Ok, I know it's not New Years but I have a resolution. I vow to blog A LOT more often! Whenever I'm waiting on something, I'ma be blogging. No excuses with all the technology access at my disposal. I figure if Seinfeld did big things with a show about 'nothing' I can damn sure make a blog about 'anything' do *something*! So "I'm goin' EEEN!" (Weezy voice)

Cancun Jumpoff was stupid-hype! Me and C-Dash went down there on US Memorial Day weekend and connected with our man Bermy Boii. The scene looked like this: plenty of lovely women, scenic pool parties, epic nightclub parites, non-stop music, non-stop spirits pouring and nothing but a good time! But I don't think you read me... Sexy-ass ladies in bikinis by day and in what they dare wear by night! I'm talking about 12,000 of the from New York, Philly, Cali, Texas, DMV, Toronto, Alberta, Montreal, Bermuda and many other corners of the planet.

O International's annual event featured DJ Self & DJ Mike Neeze playing the urban heavy-hitting tracks while DJ Norie kept the crowd up to the times with reggae. CJO 2010 spanned from Thursday, May 27th to Monday, May 31st and boasted the following 13 events (Daytime events, Pre-parties, Nightclub Parties):

CJO Welcome Pool Party, Welcome Dinner Party, Kick-off Party @ Sweet Club
Meet'n'Greet @ Playa Cabana, Patron Tip-off Party @ Tarrasta, Wear What You Dare Party @ Dady'Os
Hip Hop Splashdown @ Wet'n'Wild, Hennessy Tip-off Party @ Corona Bar, All-Black Ball @ The City
All-White Sunday:
Louis Vuitton Booze Cruise, Grey Goose Tip-off @ Tarrasta, All-White Party @ Dady'Os
Monday: CJO Bon Voyage Party @ Bulldog

And don't even think that anybody was sleeping during CJO. The daytime events typically ran from 2pm to 7pm, the pre-parties from 9pm to 11pm and the nightclubs from 11pm to 7am. Not to mention all the other extracurriculars to do and sights to see in Cancun! When you're making plans next year, touchdown on the Wednesday and stay a week if your watch and wallet can afford. It's well worth the experience! #ThankMeLater

#TeamCancun was in full effect! Shout outs to all who I met out there! Your proper vibes enhanced the experience. All love, no rainbow! For those who missed out, make plans for next year! I don't think y'all understand the magnitude of CJO. Don't worry, 280 LIVE gotch'all covered! Be on the lookout for a LOTS video piece coming soon to 280live.com reliving the hype of CJO 2010!

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MIFF Shorts
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In the past month I've gone to check a few films in a couple film festivals. A few weeks back, I hit up the Canadian Black Film Festival and checked 'Embracing The Kink', a film that gives you a behind-the-scenes look of the trials and tribulations Trey Anthony, creator of Da Kink In My Hair, and her team went through. Like any other success story, their road was just as coarse as the hair is. More recently, as you read in my blog yesterday, I took in the Best Short Film Showcase at the Moving Image Film Festival.

Since I arrived late because of that crazy T-Dot traffic, I missed the first short titled ' Tungijuq', which the official guide described as, "A thought-provoking meditation on the seal-hunt and what it means to the traditional way of life for the Inuit." I was told it was pretty good.

'Time To Fire Your Agent' is a 1-minute comedy relief short about an actor showing up to an audition mistakenly dressed as a Jack Sparrow-esque pirate! Short but good! 'Shiva' is a comedy about "A middle-aged Jewish woman searches for love in all the wrong places", namely Jewish shivas. Not my type of humour but there were a few amusing parts. 'Deadspiel' is a film that combines zombies and curling. Again, not really my thing but for what it was, it had a couple laughable parts. 'White Collar Criminals' is a film that has a Pulp Fiction type feel to it. I liked the plot idea, it crosses you over at the end, but I think they could have executed the story better. The not-so-crisp film quality is something that also caught my attention.

Here are the five films that really Opened My Eyez (in order as printed on show guide):

1) 'Fermata' - A film about a violinist who loses his hearing while performing a solo on stage. Suddenly lost in the world, he beholds the work of a beautiful artist next door to his appartment and gains inspiration. This abstract film makes good use of scene elements such as colour and design to portray moods. The actors did a great job portraying their characters considering there was very little dialogue. This lack of dialogue plays to the state of the main character for most of the film. The imagery of the eye, related in the film to the musical fermata symbol, was effectively used to convey the film's theme.

2) 'Mai Altri' - An Italian short about a photographer that witnesses the breakup of a couple, minutes after he snapped a shot of them in a more loving mood. A day later, the man from the relationship recruits the photographer to get the photo from the previous night causing the photographer to reflect about lasting moments in life.

3) 'The Beneficiary' - A trucker gets fired after being reported for his driving three times looks for revenge. It's takes a look into a common social dilemma could and probably has happened in real life. After the showcase, this film actually had people thinking twice about certain actions they might have taken previous to watching it. The story was well written and executed and the actors did a good job filling thier roles, making it believable.

4) 'True Beauty This Night' - This film was JOKES! It's a well-executed comedy that starts with a man standing on the curb infront of a payphone, debating whether to dial a number. With the 'help' of a bystander waiting to use the phone, he talks to a woman he met last night and manages to arrange for a second meeting. Love at first sight, it seems; but how they met is the real story. The plot was excellently layed out, the acting was on point and the direction was superb. The mystery and timely revelations of the plot elements are really what makes this clever comedic short special.

5) 'Max' - If you've ever seen a Pixar film and liked it, this film will definitely get you nodding in amusement! It's about an animator who, while getting audited and explaining his expenses, describes his traditional animation style. Ironically, this film contradicts his non-computer assisted style since it uses a range of special effects to bring his thoughts into motion on the screen. Animated thinking is the best way to describe this film. The effects are sick but not overdone, complimenting the storyline perfectly.

Anybody who enjoys a good film should definitely check for these films either at a film festival or perhaps coming soon to 280live.com!

Open Ya Eyez to Street View
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Last night, I went to peep the Best Short Film Showcase which was a part of the Moving Image Film Festival. My girl Shiren was the Associate Producer for one of the films, "Fermata". There were some LIVE flicks on the bill, hers included. Other notables were "Mai Altri", "The Beneficiary", "True Beauty This Night" and "Max". I think I'll do a blog tomorrow reviewing these films.

The only film I missed was "Tungijuq". And the reason why I didn't miss any more films through the Toronto traffic is because of Street View! I'm referring to Google's Street View, a new feature of Google Maps in Canada. When I heard about this project earlier in the year, I thought it was just another creative way for Google to waste their money. The idea sounded pretty dope but was there REALLY a practical use for it?

The film festival was at the Bloor Cinema. I'd never been there but I'd definitely heard about it and was pretty sure I'd seen it in passing. So in between building 280 LIVE, working on clients' projects and ironing out corporate order, I took to the net to find out where exactly the cinema was. Up to this day, I considered myself to be more of a MapQuest dude but for some reason I used the Google search box in Firefox(I suggest Internet Explorer users to switch!). Probably because I had been doing so many searches over the last couple weeks. Up pops some results from Google Maps, and of course there's a link to try out Street View. I saw an article about its Canadian release in The Star a week earlier so I figured I might as well check it.

I'm glad I did. The first thing I saw when it went to render the address was not the Bloor Cinema. As usual, the coordinates were off a little. BUT, I immediately saw familiar buildings that let my brain know the exact area that the cinema was in! Here's the BIGGEST PART though... Street View allows you to navigate the street and has pretty much a 360 degree pan so you can see all sides and angles of the street. What this really means is you can virtually drive the streets. When I realized this, the first thing I thought about was PARKING!

When you 'drive' through Street View and reach an intersection, you have the option of following your current street or turning on the intersecting street! With this, I was able to 'park' before I even got to the area. After navigating through traffic, there's nothing worse than to not be able to find parking, which leads you to circle the area 50 more times and makes you late (or moreso). It's definitely not the last time Google will see me on Street View!

I'm sure there's many ways Street View can be used other than trying to find people or cars you may recognize in a shot! If you need a visual reminder of where something is, Street View is your answer!

Now all Google needs is Google Routes to show a way around all the traffic and construction!

Open Ya Eyez

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Yup! You're now in tune with C Sharp... pneumonic, I'm on it!

Let me start by thanking everyone who's helped me to this point in my life. This is not my Grammy acceptance speech, YET, so I'm not naming names but if it includes you, you already know!

My blogs will have a whole bunch of s*** in them... talking about music, sports, politics, my music and what I'm dealin' with! And realistically anything I feel like talkin' about. Yes, there will be typos! Yes, there will be slang! Yes, there will be cussing and ranting and raving! By the way F*** ROGERS... the people who make it hard for a brotha to update his multimedia site (yes, 280live.com) by cutting off his service for 3 days for no reason! The bill is paid mofos!!!

Anyways, today I'ma mostly use the blog to put you onto the different parts of the website. The best thing I like about 280live.com is that you can read my blogs, or other content... and at the same time watch the hottest videos or listen to some fresh tracks!

That being said, go check the AUDIO section undr the MEDIA PANEL now! I got some new-brand, hot and fresh music for y'all to bump while you check the site. Ya, it's still in beta mode, but if it's already LIVE like this now... wait til it's ALL THE WAY LIVE!! I have at least 10 more tracks I couldn't put up today cuz I have too much shit to do! Plus I'm always getting new tracks so make sure to CHECK THAT OUT ON A REGULAR.

Here's a few you need to hear: Frankie Payne's "Reach", Kardi on Jazmine Sullivan's "Need U Bad Remix" (BRUUUAHHHH), Stat Quo's "I'm Sorry", T-Pain and Luda's "Chopped & Screwed"... check the section cuz they're ALL LIVE!

As soon as you touch the site, you see some of the video content on the site. Did you see the Kardi N4S Party video I did up for you? If not, go check it here! What about the footage I got of the Soca Emperor? You seen Crown 'A' Thornz "War Inna Babylon" video yet? The interview I did with Stolen From Africa? Famous' "Big Man Tings" vid? Whatchu waiting for? Don't sleep, go check it... actually don't go, just click and let it play while you read on!

The Imagery section is up... the layout is temporary and is sure to change, but you still need to go check out those flicks. More to come!

The Events section is up... shewt I need to update it, no need to lie... but it IS on point! Find the events you need to hit up in YOUR CITY! But first promoters need to pass this info along to me so hit up info@280live.com and inform us of what's going down and where its going down!

Okay, that's all I have to say about the site right now. Otherwise, I can't wait for the NBA season to start. Ya, I'm a homer backing the Raptors since 19 o'long... but this season is definitely gonna be interesting no matter who you're reppin! I'ma blog about that some other time.

Shouts to Lady Crimz who I was chattin' to right before I started this blog. Congrats on finding your 'Phat Beats Cord' lol... 280live.com is your 'Phat Beats Cord' now!

Shouts also to Yols who I also was chattin' to prior to blogging. "Fellaz, if you're looking for a good time.. call 647...." I'm playin! Told you I was just playing, Miss!

Shouts to the Asphalt Regim... errr... Lifestyle Department... "We Go This!".. we hold it down! First Lady thanx for directing me to the media area at the N4S party, got some good footage there!

Enough of this... til the next one! EZ

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